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Audio Design Systems maintains dealerships with most of the manufacturers of equipment we use in our production and rental stock. That means when you buy your new equipment from us, you know that we have the technical experience behind our sales. Please view our extensive list of manufacturers that we deal and a brief description of the products they offer.


When it comes time for the keynote speaker to address a crowd of fifty, or the national artist to perform before fifty thousand, or the speech to a rally of half a million people, clear, intelligible audio reinforcement is imperative. With computer-controlled processing and system design tailored to each event you can rest assured that the sound system will perform to your specifications, on time, every time.
Wireless and wired microphones, stands and booms, loudspeakers, floor monitors, 70volt systems, distributed systems, ground-stacked and flown rigs, front of house and monitor consoles, digital and analog equalizers, system processors, amplifiers, effects units, compressors, noise gates, crossovers, recording and playback systems, samplers, turntables and DJ mixers, active and passive press distribution systems and more.


Today it’s rare to see an arena or stadium concert that doesn’t use IMAG (Image Magnification) or video playback on multiple screens during the performance. This latest technology can be the perfect tool to get your message across to an audience of fifty or fifty thousand. With the combination of video rolls and computer graphics your sales pitch, awards presentation, or marketing idea will be clearly visible and easily understood. Also, with the addition of broadcast cameras to the event your entire audience will feel connected and closer to the entertainer or keynote speaker.

LCD projectors, slide projectors, xenon projectors, podiums, three chip cameras, switcher racks, program/preview monitors, video monitors, front and rear projection screens, LED screens, video record and playback decks, Retrographics projectors, distributed sound, press feeds, conference and meeting systems and much more.


We believe in using the right tool for the job. Whether your event requires programmable moving lights or conventional fixtures, Audio Design Systems maintains a large inventory of both. We keep up-to-date with the latest technology of moving lights for concerts and galas. And we provide time-tested conventional fixtures for theater, or to produce a static look at a press conference or event.
Programmable moving lights, Source 4 Ellipsoidal, Source 4 Par, pinspots, HMI fixtures, DMX dimming systems, Hog controllers, smoke generators, hazers, foam machines, audience blinders, confetti cannons, trussing and chain motors, rigging supplies, structural and landscape lighting, TV and press conference lighting, and more.


Along with our already extensive rental inventory, Audio Design Systems has made many purchases recently to better serve our professional rental customers. Audio Design System's rental department is ready to make your life easy. Being a full service production company, we understand the demands of the event industry, and that’s why we maintain a broad inventory of the latest technology for rent.

Since our production department also uses the equipment we rent, customers know that what they rent is up-to-date, up-to-speed, and packaged with the technician (and the producer) in mind. Please contact our rental department for rental packages that meet your needs and budget.

Telephone Systems

Our telephone products are availible in a full line of phone systems from a very small system to a large telephone system. Being an independent source of phone systems we can offer top of the line products from manufacturers like Avaya, Lucent, and Nortel. We are always looking at the market to offer you the newest and best phone systems. If you are looking for a quote please send us an email.

Computer Networking

If you are looking for computer networking news and information or want to find computer networking resources, you came to the right place. Our team has searched high and low for computer networking resources that will help you find what you are looking for.

Surveillance Systems

Our hidden camera and spy camera equipment let you know what happens when you are not there. Whether you need a spy camera, hidden camera, a nanny camera, or a long-range wireless spy camera system, we have what you need. We offer 2.4 Ghz wireless spy cameras, hidden camera systems, covert surveillance equipment, radar scramblers & radar jammers, and other hard-to-find electronic and covert spy equipment. All of our equipment is made with the highest quality equipment. Satisfaction GUARANTEED, so call about your spy camera or hidden camera system today!

Consulting & Training

As an expert audio company we offer a wide arrange of services to fit your commercial needs.